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Maintaining your Air Conditioning Systems should not cost a fortune, however regular planned preventative maintenance prolongs the life expectancy of your investment.

All Air Conditioning Systems require some form of specialist maintenance during their life. Regular maintenance of these systems will help to keep efficiency at a optimum and reduce the chance of having a breakdown.

When a system becomes clogged or dirty this dramatically increases the amount of energy usage, and performance of the system. This can result is systems using over 50% more electricity than required.

We provide maintenance contracts which we can tailor to suit the requirements of the end user, and the systems requirements.

Be it basic filter cleaning and replacement or a fully comprehensive maintenance programme you are looking for, Air Con Services aim is to meet your requirements and provide the best possible service to all our clients all the time.

Contact our sales team to discuss the options available to you, we offer a FREE no obligation quotation to help you decide on the best solution to suit your requirements.

"A poorly maintained system can use over 50% more energy, that's why we tailor our contracts to suit the requirements of the end user.”