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    Welcome to Air Con Services (UK) Ltd

There are many different types of air conditioning system, we will help you select the best type of system which will suit your requirements and the best possible application to your building

Due to the range of different applications we will take you through a design and consultancy process to ensure the system will give you the best possible performance according to your budget. Below we run through the main types of air conditioning from ducted to floor mounted;

Ducted Air Conditioning System

Ducted air conditioning units are designed to be concealed within ideally a suspended or plasterboard ceiling , this allows a very clean look with nothing more than a few air grilles visible. The internal evaporator is sited within the void created by the suspended ceiling, plasterboard or other means of boxing in. The void which is created be a it a loft or other 'dead space' is used to route the flexible or solid ductwork to the air grilles. These air grilles allow a uniform distribution of air, and provide a discrete but effective cooling and heating solution.

Ducted air conditioning systems are a perfect solution for any environment providing the building will accomadate the application.

Cassette Unit Air Conditioning

Cassette type units are best installed in any room with a plasterboard, suspended ceiling or floating ceiling. They are pleasing on the eye as they fit flush into a ceiling. Cassette type units tend to range from 600mm square to 900mm square, this meaning that the smaller 600mm square systems are a direct replacement for a standard single suspended ceiling tile helping to keep a clean and unobtrusive look to the room. The larger 900mm square Ceiling Cassette system fits into the center of four ceiling tiles, again gives a clean look with the four outer tiles being cut around the fasica to maintain a central position, most modern ceiling cassettes have a four-way blow configuration .

Floor Unit Air Conditioning System

A floor unit is used when there is no ceiling void or no suitable wall space. The system itself is would tend to only be used when no other type of system would suit the building characteristics.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System

This type of unit is often used for domestic applications comms rooms and offices. The internal units can be mounted on most internal or external walls, with little or no need for any ceiling voids. This type of systems are one of the most versatile